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Our story started in 2012 when the owners, who had a desire to stop smoking, tried various ways to switch from cigarettes and found that vaping was the only thing that helped them kick the habit!  Stopping smoking, especially on your own, is no easy feat and this is where the story of VPZ begins.

One thing that really hit home for the owners when they were making the switch to vaping was the poor customer experience, lack of availability and lack of choice when maintaining their own supply of liquids and coils. Fuelled with the desire to help more people kick the habit by making the switch to vaping and armed with the knowledge that in 2012 there were approximately 12.4 million smokers in the UK, they decided to open their first ever VPZ store in Leith, Edinburgh.

The goal, to help the local community make the switch, catering for all walks of life, as well as providing customers with a standard of customer service and support that the owners themselves expected, alongside starting to spreading the word of vaping in the UK.

The evidence continues to show that vaping could become a key weapon in the NHS’s stop smoking strategy. Public Health England's most recent report states that vaping is the most effective way for smokers to quit and they continue to support their scientific findings that vaping is at least 95 percent less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Latest figures also show that approximately 3.2 million people in the UK have already quit smoking by switching to vaping, with 270,000 more presently trying to switch. Furthermore, Cancer Research UK estimates that there are currently 6.9 million smokers still left in the UK who can still potentially switch to vaping!  

Our mission is to assist those remaining smokers in making the switch and help existing vapers stay on their journey with; excellent customer service, an incredible range of products, all of the latest technology and local availability by having stores right across the UK.

We are still a family run business with head offices in Edinburgh and in the 11 years have grown from 1 store in Leith, to over 150 stores nationwide and we’re not stopping there. We have recently been named the Virgin Fast Track 100's Fastest Growing Business in Scotland and 24th fastest in the UK and we aim to expand even further in the next 2 years until there is a VPZ on every high street and we can aid local communities across the UK in switching to e-cigarettes.

It's not all serious talk though. We host regular events at all of our stores such as, Vape Night events for a bit of fun for the hobbyist vaper and Vaping Tutorial Events for those who are new to vaping and want to find out how to stick to their plan of becoming cigarette free.

We pride ourselves on the expert knowledge and customer service of our vape store staff who are always happy to assist new and existing vapers in finding the right products to keep them on their journey to becoming cigarette free, with a lot of our staff practising what they preach, they’ve gone through the journey themselves. Rest assured, that you will always get top notch service at any VPZ store. We ensure all our store Managers and Assistant Managers go through rigorous product and service training before serving any customer.  Great customer service, support, excellent knowledge and a passion for the vaping industry is the most important aspect of our business. We strive to give expert vaping advice and always recommend products that will suit our customer's needs.

When visiting any one of our VPZ stores across the UK, you can expect the biggest range of eliquids in town and the best vaping devices on the market. Not only do we stock the hottest eliquid brands from around the world, but our sister company, Absolute E-juice also create and manufactures our own brand eliquids such as Primal, VO, Soda Poppin’, Absolute Classics and many others. This is all done with meticulous care and attention at our state of the art production facility right here in Edinburgh and we utilise our staff to help create these flavours, why wouldn’t we. This means we can guarantee the best quality eliquids to every VPZ customer.

So why not pop in-store today or browse the range on our site and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all of the latest updates!

If you feel our story resonates with you and want to be more than just a customer and join us in our journey, why not visit our VPZ recruitment page