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Vape Battery Safety

If you are using a device which requires external batteries, we can not stress enough how important battery safety is. This guide will help ensure that you get the most out of your batteries and how to keep them safe!

#1 Don’t leave charging batteries unattended - Much like all other electrical equipment, we would not recommend leaving your batteries or device charging unattended. However rare faults may be, they are not unheard of so keep your charging batteries on a hard surface in a room where they can be monitored.

#2 Don’t charge your batteries overnight - It may be tempting to charge your vape overnight so you wake up to full power, however, this actually has a negative effect on your battery life and its overall lifespan. You would be best to charge your device until it is full then remove the battery from the charger and switch it off whilst it is not being used overnight.

#3 Use battery cases or sleeves - When you are not using loose batteries, always make sure that they are stored safely and securely in either battery cases or individual battery sleeves. This will help to keep them from being damaged and to keep them stored safely and correctly away from coins and keys. If you are in need of cases they can be purchased here.

#4 Check your battery wraps frequently - Always check your battery wraps before use, if you notice that the plastic wrapping on your batteries is starting to look tattered and torn, the safe thing to do is stop using them immediately and re-wrap them before popping them back into your device. If you don’t have wraps to hand or are unsure how to do this, your local VPZ vape shop will have these in stock and can explain how this may be replaced.

#5 Replace old batteries - As much as we would love batteries with never ending charge cycles, sadly it is not a thing. Each battery is only good for a certain amount of charge cycles and Lithium-ion batteries will slowly start to lose their strength and capacity over a long period of time. We would recommend changing your external batteries every 6 months if you are a heavy user and once a year if you are a light user.

#6 Use batteries from reputable retailers - We would always recommend purchasing your batteries and devices from trusted retailers and websites. Whilst searching online you may come across the batteries that you need for less than half the price, generally this deal is too good to be true and they tend to be untested counterfeit.

#7 Use the correct power equipment recommended by the supplier - Using the wrong equipment could result in damage or malfunction.

#8 Turn your battery off when not in use - Much like any other electrical equipment, if you are not currently using it, it’s best switched off!

#9 If in doubt, chuck them out… responsibly of course! -  If you have any doubt that your batteries may be unsafe, dispose of them correctly or for any old batteries and devices you can always drop them off at one of our battery disposal boxes which can be found at your local VPZ store.

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