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Top tips for healthy coils

Looking to make the most out of your brand new coil? There are many things that you can do to prolong the lifespan and keep it tasting fresh. 

#1 Use the correct e-liquid for your coil.

In case this is new to you, we have high PG and high VG e-liquids. High PG e-liquids are to be used with coils rated one ohm or higher, high VG E-liquids are to be used on coils rated lower than one ohm and there are very good reasons for this.

If you try to use a high VG e-liquid within a coil that is rated 1.6ohms for example, you will find that you will receive some dry hits and eventually a burning taste instead of the lovely flavour that you expected! This is due to the e-liquid being too thick for the coil to saturate thoroughly before being vaped and with every draw taken (especially if you are a chain vaper) it is getting drier and drier until it eventually burns out.

If you try to use a high PG e-liquid within a coil that is rated 0.5ohms for example, you may want to have some blue roll on hand! High PG eliquids are much thinner than high VG e-liquids so they are not blended to be used with low ohm coils. Low ohm vape coils have larger wicking holes so that high VG e-liquids can flow through more easily, unfortunately, they are too large for high PG e-liquids, this can cause leaking issues with your vape tank which could ultimately ruin your device if it runs into the inner workings.

TLDR: If your coil is rated 1ohm or higher, use a high PG e-liquid like our VO range. If your coil is rated less than 1ohm, use a high VG e-liquid like one of our selection of shortfills.

#2 Avoid e-liquids heavy in sweetners and additional colorants

Super sweet e-liquids come at a price, as delicious as they are, there are a good selection which are packed with sweeteners which love to cling to your coil, over time you will notice a dull burnt taste which grows stronger as time goes on. An example of this would be one of my old favourites Cheap Thrills - Glory Glaze, a super tasty e-liquid but you would be incredibly lucky to get more than 2 days usage out of your coil with it just because it is so sweet! Likewise for coloured e-liquids, i’ve seen everything from acid green to neon blue e-liquids throughout my time, but what purpose does this serve, it doesn’t bring any additional flavour to your e-liquids, only stains your coils! I would avoid this where possible.

#3 Check your wattage matches the recommendations


If you are using a device with variable wattage settings, always double check you have set them to the manufacturers guidelines which can be found either on your coil or on the packaging your coil came within. If your coil is rated at 55w-65w, it’s best to stick to that guideline, vaping higher than that or lower than recommended will result in your coils being under efficient leading to further problems such as leaking, or too high which will burn your coils out. 

#4 Prime your coil before using

We can't preach this enough, please prime your coil before using it, by adding just a small amount of liquid to each of the wicking holes on your coil and leaving it to sit in your tank full of e-liquid for 10 - 20 minutes will save you the heartache of a dry-hit or burnt coil. There is no worse smell, taste or feeling than a burnt coil. Yuck.

#5 Keep your vape tank topped up with e-liquid

Are you the type of vaper that runs your tank dry before topping up? You should maybe re-consider that! We recommend to keep your tank half full where possible to ensure that there is always enough e-liquid available to saturate your coil.

#6 Avoid constantly swapping flavours


We know its exciting to get your weekly vape mail or shop and you get that little bubble of excitement about all the delicious flavours you have ordered and want to try them all, but…. As amazing as this would be to run every flavour through your coil, you will not get the true flavour of them all. Each flavour will leave a residue on your coil so we wouldn’t recommend running a whole host of flavours through them - try and stick to the same category where possible.

Could you imagine what your coil would taste like after tobacco, fruit, dessert and then drink flavoured e-liquids have been run through it? Pretty yucky, I learned this quite early on in my vaping journey.

I found that if you are a fan of fruit flavours however, before finishing up and changing coil, I like to use a plain menthol in my last tank - this mixes well with fruit and personally I find that this clears the pallet for the next new flavour on a fresh coil!

Replace your coil as often as required, there is nothing worse than using a coil that's past it!

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