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How Long Does A Coil Last?

Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for years, ‘how long does a coil last?’ may be a question that’s been burning for quite some time! The lifespan of a coil is variable due to many factors such as recommended power settings and the type of e-liquid used.

The manufacture guidelines for the lifespan of a coil is generally anywhere between 2 and 14 days. If you are using sweet, cakey or dark e-liquids within your tank, this will reflect on your coil and you may find that it lasts less than a week due to the build-up of sweetener causing it to burn out faster than menthol e-liquid for example.

Each coil is also compatible with certain types of e-liquid, if your coil is rated 1ohm or higher, we would recommend using high PG e-liquids such as our V Originals range so that the e-liquid can move freely through the coil, preventing dry hits. If you were to use high VG e-liquids on a coil rated higher than 1.0ohm, you may find that it drys out very quickly as the eliquid is too thick to process and soak efficiently in such a small coil. To use high VG e-liquids we would recommend using a coil rated less than 1.0ohm. 

It is very important to note the ohm rating on your coil and when you go to purchase new ones for your tank for the above reasons, this rating can be located on the coil itself and on the box in which they come in. 


You may have also noted that in our above example there is also a wattage rating. To help make the most out of your coil and to avoid underperforming or burnt coils, we would always recommend following this guideline as this is the best possible parameter for your coil which has been tried and tested.

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