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What is the TRPR?

Seen or heard the phrase ‘TRPR Compliant’ but unsure what it actually means? We’re here to help!

Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) are a set of regulations that provide health and safety for consumers of tobacco and related products, including all vaping products.

Introduced in May 2017, the TRPR is an updated version of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), made specifically for the UK.

The regulations cover a host of areas in an effort to make vaping as safe as possible for consumers.

What Does the TRPR Mean for Vapers?
In short, the introduction of the TRPR meant safer, higher quality products for the consumer. Take a look below at just how the regulations impact you.

Product Safety and Quality
The TRPR puts in place standards for safety and quality that must be adhered to by manufacturers, ensuring consumers are not posed to any unnecessary risks.

Maximum Nicotine Strength
There is a limit on the nicotine concentration of e-liquids (20mg/ml) thanks to TRPR regulation. This is in place to limit excessive nicotine intake, especially for those who do not have a history of smoking.

Packaging and Labelling Requirements
Vape packaging and labelling must comply with specific guidelines outlined in the TRPR. Information on nicotine content, health warnings, and safety instruction must all feature on the packaging, in an effort to provide consumers with accurate information.

Advertising Restrictions
Advertising methods are regulated by the TRPR to prevent marketing practices that could appeal to non-smokers, especially minors.

Notification to Regulatory Authorities
Manufacturers and importers of vaping products must notify regulatory authorities of their products and their ingredients. This ensures compliance, while giving regulatory bodies the opportunity to monitor and track the market. The competent authority for the UK’s notification scheme is the MHRA.

Cross-Border Sales and Distance Selling
Strict cross-border regulations mean that retailers have to comply with all regulations of the destination country. Distance selling of vaping products is also subject to a certain set of rules to ensure consumers are subject to consistent protection.

Age Verification and Sales Restrictions
Strict age verification requirements are in place for offline and online vaping sales. This means retailers are obligated to verify the age of customers before selling vaping products.

Product Composition and Additives
The make-up of vaping products like e-liquids is subject to strict TRPR regulations. Put in place to protect the consumer, the regulations ban certain additives to ensure vaping products are safe and high-quality.

The introduction of the above regulations ensures that vaping customers are using products that are both high-quality and safe-to-use. As the UK’s leading vaping specialist, we believe regulations like this are imperative in keeping consumers safe and must be adhered to by all retailers that sell vapes on their premises.

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