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Are there coil friendly e-liquids?

Are there coil friendly e-liquids, a question that every vaper will have asked at some point during their smoke-free journey, the answer is yes.

There are many reasons why coils can burn out faster than usual but if we are talking e-liquids it may be down to the particular flavour you have chosen. If you are a lover of sweet e-liquids but are looking for something more friendly on your coils, we would recommend using a tobacco, menthol or fruit flavoured e-liquid.

There is no doubt about it sweet e-liquids are delicious but they come at a price - your coils lifespan! We tend to find the sweeter the e-liquid is the more natural or artificial sweeteners it contains. Once this is vaped over a period of time the sweetener starts to caramelise on your coil within your tank which will give you a burnt taste, this is because it prevents your coil from soaking thoroughly, you may also find that this discolours your e-liquid to a deep brown.

We recommended using plain tobacco, menthol or fruit flavoured e-liquids earlier as they tend to contain minimal amounts of sweetener leaving your coils clean and clear which prolongs the lifespan. If you are looking for some fantastic coil friendly ranges we can highly recommend Absolute Fruits which is a fantastic fruit based shortfill range which is available with or without menthol and Absolute Classics, an old-school sweet inspired range, minus the excessive amount of sweetener! Darth Vapor which is a blend of mixed berries, aniseed and menthol has been a fan favourite for years.

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