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How to clean your vape kit

It’s been a month, you're at the tail end of your pack of coils and your tank is starting to look like it has seen better days, the performance is lacking and overall you just miss that sleek, eye catching shine that your tank had when it was first purchased. Simple solution - clean it!

Maintenance is key to a happy vaper and a healthy device, much like replacing your coil because it becomes old and quite frankly gross when overused, you should clean your tank out when you get the chance - this will keep your e-liquids tasting fresh and so that you get maximum flavour!

So let's get to it, we find that the below step by step guide works best with all tanks.

1. Fill a clean bowl with warm water.

2. Detach your tank from your device and dispose of any remaining liquid that may still be in your tank.

3. Disassemble your tank and dispose of your old coil if you wish to replace this.

4. Take your disassembled vape tank and place each part into your bowl of warm water

5. Wash each piece of your tank gently until clean, use a very small amount of dish soap if your tank has stubborn grime!

6. Once clean, pat dry each component with a paper towel and then leave to air dry for a further 10 minutes before re-assembling.

Looking to clean your old coils? Don’t bother - no matter how many times you try to clean them there is no miracle that will make them fresh and fluffy again, you will need to replace them so make sure to check out our range of coils and have a spare ready for when this needs to be replaced. 

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