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What different types of vape kits are there?

There are many different vape kits out there, to make things easier we have categorised them into four different types: Closed Pod Systems, Open Pod Systems, MTL ECigarette Devices and DTL ECigarette Devices. Find out more about each below!

Closed Pod Systems

Closed Pod vape devices or vape kits are super simple to use. Closed pod vape devices tend to be inhale activated vape kits that mimic the draw of a cigarette or feeling of smoking when vaping. There is no need to fiddle with settings or refill vape pods. Just click and go with a selection of pre-filled pod e-liquid or vape juice flavours and nicotine strengths to choose.

Check out our Pod Vape Devices here.

Open Pod Systems

With a very similar draw to that of closed pod systems, open pod systems offer a discreet, small vape device that mimics the draw of a cigarette. With refillable, reusable vape pods, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of e-liquids to use within your device.

Check out our Pod Vape Devices here.

E-Cigarette Devices

There are two main e-cigarette device types that you would generally find in our stores other than open/closed pod vape systems, this would be Mouth-to-lung (MTL) Starter Kits and Direct-to-lung (DTL) Advanced Vape Kits.

MTL devices are perfect for those just making the switch to vaping, they provide a restricted draw, are incredibly easy to use and tend to have no additional settings for you to worry about. We recommend everyone starts here as they are the easiest device to get used to during the first crucial weeks of making the switch.

DTL devices are aimed towards existing vapers who have already made the switch, these devices are more complex and feature an array of customizable settings. The draw that you get from the DTL devices is direct to the lung resulting in a large amount of vapour, these devices require the use of high VG e-liquids to be maintained correctly.

Find out more about e-liquid compatibility on our blog What’s an e-liquid and what’s in it?

If the above doesn’t sound like something you would like to try, we also have other alternatives available:

Heat Not Burn / IQOS

Through its specially designed and patented HeatcontrolTM Technology, IQOS heats real tobacco up to 350°C and controls the temperature to ensure there is no combustion. Cigarettes, on the other hand, burn tobacco at temperatures up to 800°C. The result? Real tobacco taste with 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*, no smoke, no ash and less smell. IQOS is not a vape. By using real tobacco instead of liquid, IQOS delivers a more familiar and satisfying taste experience. It’s designed to closely mimic the ritual of smoking with similar in-hand and in-mouth experience and finite duration. 80% of smokers who try IQOS for 7 days switch completely from cigarettes.**

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