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Why is my coil burning?

Everyone at some point on their vaping journey has experienced a burnt tasting vape coil, that familiar unpleasant taste, smell and feeling that nobody wants ever, but why does this happen?

There are multiple reasons that this could be happening so we have broken this down for you to help pinpoint why this has happened to your beloved vape!

#01 My vape coil is new, why is it burning?

When you insert a brand new coil, we can’t stress enough to ensure that it has been primed with e-liquid before using, by priming / leaving the vape coil to soak in your chosen e-liquid for 10 to 20 minutes this will provide enough time to ensure that your coil is fully saturated and will not burn once heated.

#02 Top up your tank with e-liquid

It may be tempting to use every last drop of your e-liquid that remains in your tank before topping up but this may now be what's best for your coil. As the coil heats up, in needs an ample amount of vape liquid to heat, if there is not enough there is nothing to vapourise which can lead to the little amount of e-liquid being used to ‘overcook’ and taste pretty disgusting, this can also cause it to turn a murky brown colour as the coil starts to burn. If you are unlucky, the lack of e-liquid may cause the coil to burn out completely as the dry wick is exposed to your glowing-hot coil and you would experience the lovely burning taste of cotton - gross!

#03 Avoid chain vaping

It can be all too easy to sit and chain vape whilst you are preoccupied with work or hobbies, but by chain vaping you are not giving your coil enough time to re-absorb the e-liquid which has been vaporised. By leaving enough time between hitting that fire button you will save your vape from burning out and wasting a coil!

#04 Ensure your power settings are suitable for your coil

Each vape coil has a recommended power rating which can be found on the coil itself or the packaging that they were purchased in. This is usually displayed as 40w - 80w or Best 50w - 70w. This is extremely important to take notice of, by using your coil above or below the recommended ratings you are damaging the coil.

#05 Check your vape fluid is suitable for your coil

It’s easy to think that you can use any e-liquid in your new tank and coil, but unfortunately this is not always the case. If you are using a Mouth to lung style vape tank and coil you will need to use an e-liquid with a high PG content. If you don’t and decide to use an e-liquid with a high VG content instead this can cause the coil to burn and dry out due to the e-liquid being too thick for the coil to process and re-saturate correctly.

#06 Be careful with sweet e-liquids

Although super sweet e-liquids can be extremely tasty they come at a price. E-liquids containing sweeteners can reduce the lifespan of your coil as the sugars start to caramelise, once this happens your coil can’t soak up the e-liquid as well as when it was fresh in your tank resulting in burning over time. There are many e-liquids that can cause this to happen, dessert flavours being the main culprit and darker coloured e-liquids.

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