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Gold Bars - Prime 20mg

Gold Bars - Prime 20mg

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Introducing the Gold standard in disposable vapes – Vape Gold’s Gold Bars.

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries combine in Prime Gold Bars to deliver a pleasant and fruity flavour.

Containing 2ml of 20mg nic-salt E-liquid, Gold Bars use the strongest nicotine level allowed under TRPR guidance. Thanks to the special ‘Nicotine Salt’ blend, each hit delivers a powerful nicotine rush, without being harsh on the throat.

Don’t settle for second best.

What is a Disposable Vape?
A disposable vape is just what it sounds like, a device that is designed to be thrown away once all the battery and liquid it comes pre-loaded with has been used up.

They are designed to be the simplest possible way to vape, as they are inhale-activated, and feature no moving parts, buttons, screens, settings etc. All you need to do is just puff on the end as you would a regular cigarette, and you're good to go. They come in a variety of different designs and flavours.

How Long Will a Gold Bar Last?
Disposable vapes are measured in "puffs" (an inhale and exhale) and this will be specified on the packaging and product page for each device. The Lost Mary averages around 600 puffs per device. The exact number of puffs you get will depend on your own personal usage and how long each one of your puffs is.

Swap and Save
Did you know that swapping from disposables to our AEQ 2.0 or AEQ SQRD could save you money, as well as the environment? In fact, you can save up to £1300 a year by making the switch from disposables to an AEQ device and S-Elf Juice, with a weekly cost to run of just £10.

Reusable, refillable, and compact, our AEQ 2.0 and AEQ SQRD are both designed specifically to replicate that of the disposable experience. All the taste without the waste.