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'Feels just like the real thing' - VPZ Introduce NuNic Max, A Ground-Breaking New Nicotine

Introducing NuNic Max, a ground-breaking new e-liquid that promises the strongest and fastest nicotine delivery of any e-liquid to date.

‘Vapes like a real cigarette’ 

Exclusive to VPZ, NuNic Max uses a cutting-edge formula to produce a vaping experience that hits just like that of a cigarette. With different DNA than freebase e-liquids and nicotine salts, NuNic Max delivers a vaping experience that is stronger and faster than anything that has come before, while maintaining that familiar throat hit.

When vaping first gained popularity, the emergence of freebase e-liquids was pivotal in delivering an effective smoking cessation solution. Freebase successfully emulates the smoking experience thanks to it replicating the throat hit when smoking. However, it has always been limited by the speed of its nicotine delivery. 

Then came nicotine salts. Although they provided powerful nicotine and flavour delivery, salts lacked the tactile throat hit of a traditional smoking experience. 

As a result, many vape users found themselves relapsing – they felt only cigarettes could deliver the quick, strong, and tactile nicotine sensation they had become so used to. 

‘Feels just like the real thing’  

That’s why we believe the introduction of NuNic Max to be one of our most important product launches to date. A vaping experience that feels just like a cigarette, the nicotine delivery of NuNic Max is faster and stronger than both Freebase and Nicotine Salts. In fact, nicotine hits in just 2-3 puffs, and can feel up to 3 times stronger than its labelled strength – all while delivering that familiar throat hit. This means instead of feeling like you have to vape all day long to keep your nicotine hit alive, a ‘vape-break’ every hour will do. 

How Is It Different to Other E-liquids?
NuNic Max utilises a new formula to make the most of the specific make-up of already existing e-liquids. This results in a quicker nicotine delivery, that feels stronger, without having to increase the actual nicotine dosage. Therefore, NuNic Max is still fully compliant with TPD regulation, despite delivering a nicotine experience that feels well beyond the 20mg limit.

Freebase e-liquids prioritise imitating the tactile feel of smoking. Nicotine salts prioritise nicotine deliver. NuNic Max prioritises both. 

Who Is NuNic Max For? 
NuNic Max is specifically for smokers looking for the closest vaping solution to smoking possible. With a super-strong nicotine delivery and a tactile throat hit, it is the ideal tool for those used to a strong smoking experience. 

Thanks to its strong characteristics, NuNic Max is also suitable for vapers who are dissatisfied with their current e-liquid experience. NuNic Max will deliver a faster, stronger nicotine than anything else you have used – we recommend starting with the 9mg. 

What NuNic Max Strength Should I Choose?  
NuNic comes in two different nicotine strengths – 9mg and 14mg. Thanks to its unique make-up, 9mg actually feels like 20-25mg, while the feeling of 14mg is similar to that of 40-50mg. 

For smokers who are currently smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day, we recommend NuNic Max 14mg.

For smokers who currently smoke around 10 a day, we recommend 9mg. This is also suitable for vape users who feel their current e-liquid is not meeting their nicotine requirements.

Interested in a vaping experience that finally feels like the real thing? Click here and start your quitting journey with NuNic Max today. 

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