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Introducing Tiered Loyalty at VPZ

We're excited to announce the launch of our brand-new tiered loyalty program, meaning you can earn even more while you shop at VPZ.

Loyalty Tiers

Emerald Tier – 12.5% cashback reward that is activated when you spend £2500 or more. This is our premium tier, which also includes birthday celebrations, trial devices and liquids, and special events and offers.

Gold Tier – 10% cashback reward that is activated when you spend £1500.

Silver Tier – 7.5% cashback reward that is activated when you spend £500. Existing customers will be moved to this tier, all new customers in November start on this tier.

Bronze – 5% cashback reward. This is the entry level for our new customers, active from December 1st 2023.

These tiers mean that we can reward our customers even more by giving you extra points to spend, as well as the chance at exclusive deals and discounts.

You move through the tiers based on the how much you spend throughout a 12-month period.  Don’t worry though, you won’t be moved down a tier if you haven’t hit your target until 12 months after signing up.

We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline following the release of our new tiered loyalty, first of which is an all-new VPZ loyalty app! This will act as a digital loyalty card, and means you’ll be able to check your balance, keep track of what tier you are in, and how far away you are from the next tier up, all in one place.


I’m an existing customer, what tier do I start on?

If you already have a VPZ Freedom Card or sign up for one before December 1st, you will start in our silver tier. This means you will still qualify for at least 7.5% cashback for another 12 months.

Will I lose my loyalty points?

No, your loyalty points carry over to the new tiered loyalty system.

Can you be demoted once you reach a certain tier?

Yes. Our tiers are based on yearly spend, so if the required threshold for a tier has not been met, you will be demoted to the tier below for the time being.

Can I link my in-store loyalty card to my online account?

Unfortunately, our in-store and online loyalty accounts are two separate entities, and we cannot transfer points from one account to another.

Will my loyalty points expire?

No, your loyalty points will never expire.

For more information regarding our loyalty program and rewards, check out our Loyalty and Rewards page here.

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