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VPZ launch nationwide recycling service

As the UK's largest vaping specialist VPZ has teamed up with a leading waste management provider to launch a nationwide recycling service for disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes contain lithium batteries and plastic and when littered they can cause harm to the local environment.

Now, VPZ in partnership with WasteCare has announced ambitions to responsibly recycle end of life devices throughout the UK during 2023.

The service is now live in VPZ’s network of over 160 stores throughout the country and will involve WasteCare collecting, treating and recovering disposable vapes and reusable hardware devices from within its plant in Elland, West Yorkshire.

Any form of littering is unacceptable however the proliferation of disposable vape use has led to single use devices being discarded in local environments.

Our partnership with WasteCare responds to this challenge head on and vapers can come into our network of 160 stores throughout the country to recycle their vape devices, both disposable and reusable, in a safe and responsible way.

VPZ is the UK’s largest vaping specialist with over 160 stores throughout the country. The Edinburgh-based retailer and manufacturer has already helped over 700k smokers in the UK quit since it was established in 2012.

To help combat the negative environmental effects and high costs of single use vaping even further, we have also introduced a disposable-to-reusable trade-in scheme. If you trade in a new, used, or even broken disposable, you get £1 off our very own AEQ 2.0, or our brand new AEQ SQRD.

Did you know that swapping from disposables to our AEQ 2.0 or AEQ SQRD could save you money, as well as the environment? In fact, you can save up to £1300 a year by making the switch from disposables to an AEQ device and S-Elf Juice, with a weekly cost to run of just £10.

Reusable, refillable, and compact, our AEQ 2.0 and AEQ SQRD are both designed specifically to replicate that of the disposable experience. All the taste without the waste.

Check out our AEQ range here.

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