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AEQ 2.0

AEQ 2.0 is brand new to the market and exclusive to VPZ. The AEQ 2.0 uses the latest and most innovative technology, providing a super smooth draw-activated design, perfect for smokers making the switch or current disposable users. We also think this kit will make a great second vape for those who have a large device but are in the market for a light and portable device that doesn't compromise on quality or flavour.  


The AEQ 2.0 utilises a strengthened aluminium alloy structure that is both lightweight and wear-resistant. We all know how important it is that your vape can keep up with your lifestyle (no matter how active). Having a robust outer structure makes the AEQ 2.0 perfect for a night out or when you just need the extra reassurance a tough design provides. 


A high-quality vape can't just be well-built and offer amazing flavour, it also has to look great. Vaping is all about individuality. The AEQ 2.0 is available in 4 colourways that match your style. The pocket-friendly design can be purchased in an elegant black finish. If you're after something a little more colourful, you can select the device in a series of ombre shades. 


The AEQ 2.0 pods provide the perfect MTL draw. Alongside the precisely engineered air flow, the device also has a 2.0ml refillable e-liquid chamber. The AEQ 2.0 uses a simple pod design that features the latest in mesh coil technology to create the smoothest draw and the most impactful flavours. When your e-liquid starts to taste a little burnt or if you simply want to refresh your vape in between flavours, then all you need to do is dispose of the old pod and click on a new one! fortunately, our latest E-liquids are developed to be particularly coil friendly, allowing the AEQ 2.0 to be refilled multiple times without losing flavour. 


With AEQ 2.0, you can choose from a range of flavours and strengths of e-liquid. Compared to disposable vapes, the AEQ 2.0 opens up your flavour options. It also allows you to select an appropriate nicotine strength, the 20mg of nicotine found in your average disposable is fine for someone moving from smoking 20 cigarettes per day, but for the average disposable user, it is simply too high levels of nicotine. 


The ability to refill your device rather than throw it away also saves a lot of money in the long run. When you consider the cost of the AEQ 2.0 at £13.99 and take into account the free 10ml of e-liquid, you are already saving over £10 compared to the 5 disposables you'd purchase over the same period (they only contain 2ml of e-liquid each). Over several months of vaping the AEQ 2.0 becomes a no-brainer! Buying one bottle of Elf Juice at £4.99 every week is a lot more cost-effective than the approximately £25 you'd spend on disposables.


Saving money is important, but so is reducing plastic and battery waste. Every time you throw away a disposable vape you are contributing to electronic waste. Moving to a refillable vape does incur waste, of course, but this is a considerably smaller scale than that which is produced by disposables. As the pods are refillable, you will probably only throw them away after a week or more - in that time, a disposable user could go through 7 vapes, with all of these ending up in landfill. The AEQ 2.0 is a better option for anyone wanting to reduce the amount they're throwing away.


On top of all these amazing innovations, the device comes with the latest fast-charge USB-C technology and a large 500mAh battery meaning the AEQ 2.0 is always ready for your vaping needs. The ability to recharge the device quickly is essential for making a disposable replacement. We all know the feeling when your vape starts flashing and it is coming to an end - rather than having to go out and buy another vape, you can simply pop the AEQ 2.0 on charge and be ready to go again in no time. 



Size: 20.9 x 11.5 x 105.8mm 
Material: Aluminium alloy + PCTG 
Coil Material: Mesh coil 
Resistance: 1.10 
Output Power: 3.6V 
POD Capacity: 2.0ml 
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Charge: Type-C


E-liquid Recommendations 

With the AEQ 2.0, we recommend using Elf Juice e-liquid. Elf Juice is the sweetest flavoured e-liquid around. Inspired by disposable vapes, Elf Juice comes in a range of powerful and punchy flavour combinations. Pairing the AEQ 2.0 with Elf juice is the best way to move away from disposable vapes.


Whenever you buy an AEQ 2.0 you will get a free bottle of Elf Juice 10ml. This gives you the chance to try out any of the amazing flavours in this popular and delicious range of e-liquids. 

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