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The Surge: No Coil | No Worries

The Surge

The Surge aims to be something different, a product to fill a gap in the crowded vaping industry that has lacked something new for a while. The Surge is an innovation that aims to alter the perception held by both smokers and vapers on what a vaping device is (or can be). An alternative that doesn't use a traditional E-cig coil to create vapour, but doesn't compromise on the ease of use or performance of the device. 


After years of research and engineering, the goal of creating a new vaping technology has been achieved in the form of the coil-free Surge. Removing the coil avoids the potential for a burnt hit, and by taking this away more satisfaction is now a reality. Surge, the Ultrasonic vape pod system. 


Develop and promote new vaping technology and create a smoke-free future for everyone. 


What is an Ultrasonic Vape?


The Ultrasonic Chip

Ultrasonic Vaping Technology atomises E-liquid into vapour through high-speed VIBRATION. The Surge is powered by an ultrasonic vaping chip that vibrates at a super-high frequency (3 million hits per second) to split E-liquid into a cloud of aerosol. Because this vape technology isn't generating heat in the way a coil does - the Surge can produce clouds without the risk of a dry hit. 

Feel the Difference! With Instant Satisfaction


Ultrasonic heating creates vapour particles in a different way to vape coils. The Surge will still deliver nicotine content when inhaled like a normal vape with a coil, ensuring no decrease in vaping satisfaction.


Surge pods use ultrasonic technology to create vapour without coils. No wires are heated to produce vapour which prevents dry hits and an annoying burnt taste.


Vapour is created at a lower working temperature, without the need for metal elements reaching high temperatures.


Pure Flavours - To the Last Drop


Ultrasonic tech prevents flavours from deteriorating when vaping with a burnt coil. Unlike traditional heating wires, ultrasonic tech vaporises E-liquid at a lower temperature, delivering the molecules in smaller particles and producing pure flavours till the last drop.


No coil, no burnt taste: forget about dry hits! The unique 'No-coil design' brings purer flavour without a burnt taste. Enjoy great e-liquid flavours from your first puff to your last.


Exceptional Flavours and Quality Ingredients

Explore the selection of bold and complex flavours available for the Surge, expertly formulated to deliver an unrivalled coil-free vaping experience. 


The Surge flavours have been carefully selected and tested to perfectly match with the ultrasonic technology.

Green Mint

A natural mint leaf flavour that never risks tasting burnt. The Surge comes with this delicate minty E-liquid for a less sweet vaping experience.


Polar Mint

Ice cold and ultra-delicious. Sometimes you need a menthol hit from your vape, and the Surge delivers with this refreshing E-liquid. Get a cooling coil-free vape.


Blueberry Ice

Blueberry ice is a sweet and delicious blend, perfect for the coil free surge. This classic E-liquid flavour is a great option for those wanting to try something fruity. 


Rich Tobacco

Perfect for those moving away from smoking cigarettes, this rich tobacco flavoured E-liquid is strong and flavourful. Perfectly blended for the Surge, you cant get a richer tobacco vape without the use of coils.


Smooth Tobacco

The Surge already offers a smooth delivery of vapour, but with this smooth tobacco flavour, the experience is enhanced even further. 


Watermelon Ice

A sweet and tangy tropical vape for those who want a watermelon flavour but with a little more ice. Delicately cooling yet still offering enough sweetness to give a delicious watermelon flavoured vape. 

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