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The SMOK SLIMAX is an exclusive new device to VPZ! – This device offers cutting-edge design and innovative technology; this revolutionary product will take your vaping experience to the next level. 

The SLIMAX kit provides the perfect solution to quitting smoking. Offering an authentic experience created by the filter drip tip tricking your body to mimic the sensation of a cigarette. The SLIMAX also has a classic mouthpiece, which is great for those who want the classic vaping feel.

Despite its slim profile, the SLIMAX has a built-in 900mAh battery that provides up to 25 watts of power, an amazing power output for a single device! When using the SLIMAX, you can continue to vape while it charges. Its convenient passthrough charging feature allows users to power their devices as they use it - so no more worrying about how much battery life is left! Plus, its easy-to-read charge indicator gives a precise estimate of when charging will be finished. This device has one button that controls the device, it couldn't be any simpler!  

The innovative design of this device takes vaping to the next level. The pre-installed turbo meshed coil provides a smoother taste and more stable output while also reducing the risk of burning out.

The SLIMAX is best paired with a 50PG/50VG or high PG e-liquid to enable the best possible vaping experience possible. The SLIMAX comes in an assortment of colours, including Nano Chrome for those who love the classic look, Matte Blue for style and elegance, Black for the timelessly sleek look and Purple for vibrancy.


The SLIMAX is the first VPZ device that offers a filter tip instead of a drip tip. The SLIMAX replicates the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette more closely than any other device at VPZ. It stands out from all of our other devices by delivering a truly unique vaping experience. 

The efficiency and convenience of this device, along with its comfortable design, make it fantastic for daily use. The tailored leather exterior and vibrant stitching go perfectly with the custom metal frame. This device is not only an excellent vape, but it also looks fantastic!


With the SLIMAX, you can experience seamless vaping with effortless customisation. Whether your preference is a subtle 5W or an intense 25W of power - it's all within reach for tailoring to match your desired vapour quality and flavour intensity. 

To use this device, simply pull back the rubber stopper on the pod and fill the slot with up to 2ml of the desired e-liquid. Put the pod back on the SLIMAX after the e-liquid has been filled. Please do not inhale immediately, let it stand for several minutes. 

The SLIMAX S1 0.9ohm MTL Coil is compatible with the SLIMAX and is recommended for the finest vaping experience. It is advisable to change your coil every 5 days to avoid coil burnout and burnt-tasting e-liquid. The S1 0.9 ohm coil is recommended to be run at 14-17 Wattage for the finest vaping experience. 

The SLIMAX can be paired with any 50PG/50VG e-liquid flavours and high PG e-liquids, you can modify your vaping experience to just have you like it with this fantastic new device. We suggest our UK, VO, and V-premium ranges if you're specifically looking for a throat hit. The throat hit of these E-liquids will more closely resemble that of a cigarette. Your choice of e-liquid flavour will mostly depend on your personal preferences; if you want something that tastes a lot like cigarettes, a tobacco and menthol e-liquid flavour is advised. However, our ranges provide delicious fruity and dessert flavours if you're looking for a sweet e-liquid flavour.



The SLIMAX is recommended for those who want to quit smoking. The SLIMAX makes it easier than ever to stop smoking because of the filter drip tip's authentic smoking feel. Changing from cigarettes to the LIMAX will result in a staggering annual savings of £4,665! With the help of this gadget, it's possible to stop smoking while still experiencing the same sensation and simulation of a traditional cigarette.

The SLIMAX is also recommended for heated tobacco users, as the heated tobacco sticks have a similar sensation to the filter drip tip to also give that authentic smoking sensation.

For those wavering between breaking their smoking habit and taking up vaping, the SLIMAX is perfect for providing a smooth transition. As the feel of cigarettes to a classic vape has a very different mouthpiece. Thus, the filter drip tip gives added extra support to help you quit smoking and fill the desire for a cigarette.

The SLIMAX is also great for any vapers of all experiences, with the classic vape mouthpiece, you can get the traditional mouth-to-lung feel with fantastic power!



SMOK SLIMAX Customer testimonials 

The SLIMAX is already generating some fantastic positive first impressions! 

Taking a first impression from a customer and their first use of the device, it's great to see what a fantastic impression it is already making; 

What was your first impression?  
What struck me the most was its sleek and slim design. It's the perfect size to slide into your pocket or purse and carry around with you wherever you go. The shape of it is not only visually appealing but also very practical.

How would you desire the draw? 
I had the pleasure of trying out the SLIMAX vape device. What impressed me the most was the draw - it was incredibly smooth and easy to inhale.

What was your impression of the filter tip (authenticity)? 
When I tried the filter tip for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how authentic it felt. I preferred it as I thought the draw was great. It's brilliant to see that there are products out there like this that can make the transition away from smoking a little bit easier for those of us who are trying to quit.

How do you find the design/ease of use of the device? 
What I love most about this device is how effortless it is to slip into your pocket and take it with you on the go, this device will be particularly great for weekends. So, if you're looking for a reliable device that you can easily take wherever you go, this is one to consider. 

What e-liquid did you use with the SLIMAX?
 I used the Mango Maniac with the SLIMAX. This a very fruity liquid, I found it went great with the SLIMAX! 

Would you recommend/purchase it again and why? 
Absolutely, after using the SLIMAX, I would confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality vaping experience. I will certainly be purchasing this device again and sharing the recommendation with my friends and family

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